Pricing & Plans

Trainers Stocks offers you with the lowest brokerage in the trading world. That is, you can trade in;

  • Future & Options, Currency and Commodities Segment at just 9/- Trade

  • Equity @ 0.01 % *

Brokerage will be levied per share in equity segment for the shares valued at less than ₹100. In such cases, brokerage will be 0.01 per share.

Apart from the brokerage, following charges are also levied:

  • Turnover/Transaction Charges
  • Security Transaction Tax
  • SEBI Fees
  • Stamp Duty
  • GST

The statutory charges are levied as per the turnover of the trade. Please check the detailed charges here (Brokerage Calculator).

The stamp duty is levied on the buying turnover of the transaction.

No, the brokerage will not be applicable for the modification or cancellation of order. The brokerage will be applicable only on the execution of the order.

The per trade brokerage means that the brokerage will be applicable as per the number of trades done, that is, as per the Transaction ID generated by the exchange.

The Offline trading charge of ₹20+GST is levied on trades which are squared off by the RMS Team or are placed by using Call & Trade facility over the telephone.