Margin Calculator

Check the leverages provided as per the plan chosen by you. This will give you an approximate calculation on the margin required before you place the trade.

The margin requirements vary as per the script, the volatility in the market, the VAR margins as required by the exchange and many more of such criteria. The margin calculator will help you assess this and get started with your trading. The SPAN Margin and Exposure Margins are required to trade in Derivatives.

The intraday leverage is accordingly calculated and can be checked as per the plan chosen by you.

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Equity Margin
MCX Margin
Currency Margin
Margin Policy
Brokerage Calculator

An easy and hassle-free way to calculate the charges. Check your earnings on the go while trading with us. Find the details on expenses and the break-even point as per your trade.

  • Steps to use the Brokerage Calculator
    1. Select the Segment you wish to calculate the charges for trading
    2. Enter the Quantity {No. of shares (Equity) and Lots (Derivatives)}.
    3. Enter the Buy Price and Sell Price