Fox Trader

Fox Trader: A quality trading platform in India
Fox Trader: Do intelligent trading with the quality Trading Platform in India

Trainers Stocks has paved the tranquil way for trading and subsequently soothed the whole trading process for investors in India. For the stated purpose, Trainers Stocks, the best discount broker in India in association with Reliable Software has presented quality trading platform named as Fox Trader to its esteemed clients. Fox Trader includes the most advanced technology in designing the product architect, standardization, etc.

Trainers Stocks Fox Trader serves a trader in various aspects to make an informed trading issues. Whether the market is stuck in the choppy mode or the tempo rises when it is on the upswing, Fox Trader is such a trading platform that is constructed to encourage the proper strategy formation in volatile market situation. It also lets a trader to execute market orders expeditiously with the help of multiple tools inbuilt to standardize the decision-making with thorough analysis.

With the advancements taking place in different fields (say in terms of technology or any other parameter), one gets numerous alternatives to reach the high degree performance. We are endeavored to serve the best alternative to you. It is an advanced charting software with multiple tools for trading. With the highlighted framework, you can get the appropriate solution to the various trade queries.

Trainers Stocks Fox Trader: Attributes

The important features that widen your market reach in order to foster the gratifying trading experience are discussed here:

  • It sets the benchmark for the good portfolio returns by creating a client’s own market watch list. A trader can define the certain factors and gives the alerts, regarding the performance of the stock one is curious for.

  • Provides a glance at market trends with the help of market breadth features enabling an accurate vision of how much of the market indices have ascended or dropped down while making a trader indices better to trade on.

  • Fox Trader runs multiple scanners with specific indicator based backtesting that lets a trader to understand and analyze the past data with 200+ conditions/signals, 300+ studies, and other ways. The trading platform guides a trader to form a fine strategy before using money in the open market.
  • With Fox Trader’s semi-automatic order book feature, you can pre-place orders as per the conditions you find suitable or worth taking risk for.
  • The Fox Trader strengthens the analysis by monitoring the market movements and follow charts and order flow. It takes ahead planned and fast orders with the help of API.
  • A trader can easily track the running status of particular stock. Check the risks and enhance returns by determining order quantities, P/L, current positions, etc. The trading platform facilitates the perfect strategy creation as per the current market requirements.
  • EOD Technicals feature is there to provide the End-of-Day (EOD) Technical Analysis of the selected scrip.
  • Realize the 3D extent with the 3D charts. Fox trader provides reliable charting platform with nearly all the indicators. The 3D charts help you spotting the weaknesses as well as the strength of the defined scheme and subsequently helps in correct strategy formation. A client can acquire the upcoming act with the help of ADS based on indicators and the proper analysis. Display can be selected, a client can see the scrip movement in 4- ways- bars, candlesticks, bars w/open & line.
  • Proper execution which is event based takes place smoothly. It reflects the thoughtful planning. That renders the path to execute at the right time to maintain balance in risk and return. Fox Trader allows testing of numerous stocks as per the parameters of various indicators. When the on-going status meets the strategy, the alerts are there to let you move ahead in the process.
  • A client can also share your scrip notes, strategy reports etc., to other traders with the Fox Trader.
  • Fox Trader supports distinctive visualization of the market movements in the Futures and Options.
  • Stay clued to the stock market with the livestock screening.
  • Real time execution of the multiple trade orders triggers at the same time.
  • Intraday charting features and historical data.
  • Study manager to save your studies, notes or reports.
  • Some other features include group scans, signal generators, etc. The trading platform makes your trading easy and simple.

Trainers Stocks ensures the perfect trading path to its clients. As Trainers Stocks aim to be at the confluence of cutting edge technology and finance, it tries to serve a client to the best. That may let your returns to scale new heights. Fox Trader is being presented in order to make your online trading even more convenient.

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