Best Online Trading Platform in India : 2022

In today’s world, where technological determinism plays an increasing role in the everyday lives, life without technology is difficult to imagine, let alone comprehend. From the older days of ‘hundi – a financial instrument used for trade and credit transactions’ to the current era of financial technologies, India has made substantial technological leaps. One of those leaps relates to the technological improvement in the trading landscape. Today, mobile trading leads the way as it lets go of any territorial limitations and allows the trader the freedom of placing an order from anywhere.Trainers Stocks takes pride in excelling in this field and providing mobile trading services far superior than those offered by any of its peers. Ergo, Trainers Stocks aims to provide traders/investors with the best online/mobile platforms for an exceptional trading experience. The following section discusses the technology-based services offered by Trainers Stocks.

Best Mobile Trading App in India – 2022

In rapidly moving and time deficient world, a trader is always on the move. As mentioned earlier, mobile trading has emerged as the most convenient mode of trading in stocks and other instruments. In order to fill in this gap, Trainers Stocks offers a set of mobile apps to manage their trades. To start with, android powered apps offered by Trainers Stocks can be found at Google Play Store; these can be downloaded and instantly installed at the smartphone in order for a trader to enjoy a unique trading experience.

Trainers Stocks NEO

A highly integrated mobile app for real-time access to stock markets; Trainers Stocks NEO has all the features of a modern trading platform. Enabled with innovative features to manage portfolios, watchlists, research and trade stocks, Trainers Stocks NEO allows traders to trade with compelling comfort and absolute freedom on NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX and MCX-SX.

Features of Trainers Stocks NEO Mobile App are as follows:

Trainers Stocks NEO is offered with a user-friendly interface and intuitive desktop interactivity that encompasses all aspects of trading in equity, derivatives and commodity markets. Trainers Stocks NEO helps you to better analyze the market and make informed buying and selling decisions because of its scalability; Trainers Stocks NEO app is powered with advanced number indicators in order to create and exit positions in real time, apart from the usual trading information such as open, low, close, 52 week high, circuit limit etc. Intensive watch list allows traders to observe best stocks, top gainers, top losers, and other variables; traders can look upto 300 stocks at a glance and watch predefined watchlists such as Nifty 50, Nifty 100, Bank Nifty, Sensex, MCX, on the go. Diverse charting options allow for a better technical analysis; Indicators such as HeikenAshi, Renko, Points, Figure, Japanese Candle Stick, and Bollinger bands, moving averages are inbuilt into the app.

Trainers Stocks NEO in a Nutshell
  • User friendly interface, ease of use, and intuitive desktop interactivity

  • Designed based on valuable inputs from the trader’s community

  • Customization of automated buy/sell formulasScalable application with advanced number indicators; Intensive watchlist

  • Diverse charting options allow for a better technical analysis

  • State of the art technology: a technological leap over our peers

  • Occupies storage space of less on 3 megabytes on the mobile device

  • Trading from charts introduced for the first time in India

Web/browser-based Trading Platform: Trainers Stocks Trade

Trainers Stocks Trade is a browser-based trading platform offered by Trainers Stocks that can be accessed on a browser by visiting It is different from other contemporary browser-based trading platforms in the following manner: The platform is an efficient way to conduct research and analysis before placing the order. Few other features include:

  • More than 100 Indicators for marker and individual script analysis.

  • Analytics with live scanners

  • A complete data analysis for FII and DII

  • Different charts for technical analysis including Bar, Candle, Colored Bar, Hollow Candle, Line, Mountains and others

  • Customisable trading screen that aids the trader with a freedom to choose colors, modes, studies, trendlines, watchlists etc

  • A user-friendly single screen web-based access for trading in Equity, F&O, Currency & Commodities across the exchanges: NSE, BSE, NCDEX and MCX

  • Order placement with ease: buy/sell/edit/cancel, market, limit, SL, SL-limit/market, Bracket/Cover order; Order book system to view the executed and rejected orders with multiple watch lists for script

  • Effortlessness position square off and product conversion options

  • Shared watchlist between different trading platforms: exe, web and mobile

  • Single point access to profile, back office reports, Payin and Payout

  • Live scrip statistics, support/resistance levels, intra-day pricing

Online Trading Platform

Trainers Stocks offers an easy and convenient mode of online trading through its trading platforms: terminal based or web-based trading platforms. Integrated with the most advanced financial technologies, the trading platforms by offered by Trainers Stocks allow seamless real time evaluation of equity, derivative and commodities market.

Designed with a customer friendly and ease of use interface, the Trainers Stocks trading platforms are embedded with an array of trading tools, charts and scanners to help traders make an informed decision. A trader is only required to download and install the .exe file from Trainers Stocks website and begin trading right away.

The premiere desktop trading platforms offered by Trainers Stocks include:

XTS Trader

An instant access to online trading on anyone’s desktop: This product provides real time trading facility in equity, derivatives and commodities. XTS Trader is a user-friendly trading platform with an array of trading tools, charts, and scanners to help traders make best trading decisions. XTS Trader is specifically designed for PC users that run on Windows operating system; a trader just needs to download the software, follow the guidelines to install it, and can begin trading within minutes.

Salient features of the XTS Trader are as follows:
  • High performance software: Place sell/buy orders without any delays and glitches

  • Options available to create multiple watch lists, and track the performance of stocks on different parameters within the trading platforms

  • Scanners with better filtering options to have a complete overview of the market covering almost all major trading exchanges in India

  • An extensive list of charts and indicators for fundamental and technical analysis for predictable assured trading results

  • A proactive risk management system for monitoring and reporting thus minimizing or eliminating the risk of trades going on adverse side

  • Add on features to receive and sent internal alert and messages, etc.

Fox Trader

Equipped with comparatively advanced features than conventional trading platforms, Fox Trader is a desktop terminal with the features that every modern trader requires. An intelligent trading platform, Fox Trader incorporates all the features of a convenient and easy trading platform. It includes chart analysis, technical indicators, live tick screening, algorithm designing, execution of automated orders, generation of trade signals, etc.

Some of the Unique Features of Fox Trader Include:-
  • Fox Trader is offered with multiple scanners with around 200+ conditions/signals, 300 + studies to understand and analyze the past data.

  • It is integrated with most advanced semi-automatic order book features allowing pre-placement of orders according to a trader’s preferred strategy.

  • An API facilitated terminal, Fox Trader enables the faster monitoring of the market movements and charts for analysis and pace up execution of orders.

  • It has evolving End-of-Day (EOD) technical analysis features for an elaborated analysis of scrip after trading is over at stock analysis.

  • Better trading opportunities with the complete scanning and monitoring of options, stocks and commodities market.

Moreover, with Fox Trader, distinct data-feeds or third party terminal plugins comes built-in instead of being detached.

Trainers Stocks Power

Trainers Stocks Power is an upcoming .exe (Executable File Format) platform powered by Trainers Stocks. Its wide gamut of capabilities lets the trader perform in-depth research & analysis and execute the trades in no time. This elegant platform is featured with advanced charting, screeners, and powerful tools that help a trader to spot mathematics behind Future & Options and end of day reports that keep a trader informed all the time. It helps the user to view the market from a different slant. Given the breadth of its characteristics, it is not really possible to describe Trainers Stocks Power in its full swing saving few of its specific features which are listed below:

Some of the Unique Features of Trainers Stocks Power Include:-
  • With Trainers Stocks Power, a trader gets seamless access to a horde of information which may prove highly beneficial to a trader with a keen eye. The platform particularly includes board meeting updates, real time exchange announcements, stock related news, and governmental policy changes. In the context of financial markets, as any savvy trader would appreciate, a trader having faster access to information always wins.

  • A user no longer needs to labour hard in order to spot the opportunities as his favourite setups, data, technical patterns, or breakouts can be fetched with uncompromising ease via Trainers Stocks Power’s screeners.

  • Functions such as index meter, market dynamics, heat maps, FII-DII data, latest deals (bulk deal or block deals), recent RBI rates, and performance related to IPO make Trainers Stocks Power distinct from other terminals.

  • Over a dozen of user defined sections are available based on sectors, indices, and derivatives.

  • A user can track his/her portfolio with greater ease and specificity: For instance, how an individual scrip behaves and influences the whole portfolio can be tracked simultaneously with the aid of an advanced graphical interface.

Moreover, with Fox Trader, distinct data-feeds or third party terminal plugins comes built-in instead of being detached.